The friendly team at Dent-A-Find have you covered when you need temporary or permanent staff. We take the stress out of staffing issues and have you covered 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. Yes even public holidays and Christmas.

We are there for you when you need staff for urgent projects, leave gaps, sick leave, redundancies, return to work seasonal and industry peaks.

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Finding the right person for your practice is challenging

You are experts at managing people’s health. We are experts at searching and analysing skills and personality fit.

We offer a longer guarantee replacement period of six months versus other agencies.

As a client of Dent-A-Find, our experienced permanent recruiters will save you time and money, ensuring we provide you the right people and placing you in the best situation to retain them.

Consider the number of hours you could invest into recruiting a permanent member for your team and the distraction it can cause to your core business. We will save you time without cutting corners. We match candidates with your business needs and culture to encourage retention.

We are experts in the world of work

Manpower’s experienced local consultants listen to your needs, understand your business and the employment services industry. We attract, interview and reference every candidate. We can also assess candidate skills and personality suitability using validated assessment methodologies.

We know the industry and candidates

We view our service as a relationship and more than just a transaction. We benefit from strong word of mouth and have a database of talented health professionals spanning over 30 years.

We give service tailored to your needs

Dent-A-Find will tailor a solution to suit your needs. You can hand over entire recruitment projects, or just one or two aspects. You can consult with us about the right salary and benefits package. You can ask us to advertise, source, screen, interview, assess, qualify, shortlist, and present resumes of the top candidates. At the other end of the scale, you can use us just to screen the responses to your own advertising. The choice is yours. The service is totally tailored to your needs….

Why are temporary staff a good option?

  • Maintains staffing flexibility.

With the popularity and staying power of flexible work arrangements, employers need to stay current with the needs of today’s work force. Temporary work is just one of the ways that businesses can offer flexibility and at the same time better meet their own needs.

  • Can evaluate worker without commitment

Based on your evaluation or preferences, you can employ a temp for a designated short term or, if desired, offer a full-time position to a worker who suits your business.  Some businesses employ temporary workers as an excellent and cost-efficient way to recruit and test the abilities of new workers before signing them on full-time. Other companies will repeatedly use the services of a temp worker who has proven to be a company asset. Hiring a temp can also be a good way to continue getting work done while you search for the perfect candidate for a particular job. If unsatisfied with a temp’s work performance, all you need do is contact the temp agency and they will take care of the rest.

  • Can save time and money

The cost of hiring temp workers is often cheaper than the cost of hiring permanent employees with benefits. In the short term, it is generally more cost-efficient to hire a temp. For jobs that are expected to last six months or longer, it may pay to hire a full-time employee.

  • When you employ an agency, it – not you – becomes the temp worker’s employer.

The agency is responsible for and bears the financial burden of recruiting, screening, testing and hiring workers; payroll expenses and paperwork; payroll and withholding taxes; unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance; and any employee benefits they may wish to provide.

The team at Dent-A-Find are here 24 hours a day, every day of the year to help. Did you know we provide services on weekends and public holidays? Call 03 9800 2188 anytime. We will guarantee you mind blowing service!