If you have or know an outstanding dental assistant, please take a few moments to nominate them for the 2017 award.


The Dental Assistant Employee of the Year Award Program recognises employees (either permanent, casual or temporary) who have performed exceptionally in their role throughout the year.

The award is open to anyone working in Australia. All nominations are welcome and acknowledged.

Eligiblity and criteria

Nominees must be currently working in the role of a Dental Assistant to be considered for the award.

The award recognises exemplary performance of dental assisting in the dental sector. Nominees are invited from both public and private practices.

Nominees will be considered on the following basis:

  • Contribution to patient care
  • Standard of hygiene control
  • Peer support and teamwork
  • Demonstration of initiative to their employer
  • Demonstration of contribution to the dental sector
  • Nominees must demonstrate exemplary performance of activities that are above and beyond the scope of assigned responsibilities.

Past award recipients are not eligible for the program.

Submission requirements

  • Each nomination must have a principal nominator and 1 endorsement.
  • An individual may serve as a principal nominator nominator may endorse other nominations.
  • All multiple nominations submitted by a single principal nominator will be invalidated.
  • Nominating materials will not be returned.
  • Nominate only one employee on each nomination form.
  • Narrative statements should not exceed one page.

The nomination period is open from 1 January. The nomination deadline is October of each year.

Download the nomination form : dental-assistant-of-the-year-nomination-form

Nominations can be emailed (info@dentafind.com.au) or mailed to 34 Cobden Street North Melbourne VIC 3051.


Dental Assistant of 2016

Many nominations were received and reviewed by the judging panel. It was a difficult decision latika-winner-of-the-2016-dental-assistant-of-the-year-awardand we are pleased to announce the winner for 2016.


Congratulations to Latika Latika of Seaford Dental on being awarded Dental Assistant of the Year 2016!

The team at Seaford Dental Group nominated Latika based on her reliability, for stepping up to manage the practice whilst the practice manager was on sick leave. Latika is an employee that contributes 500% to her role and the team. Always looking to further her dental knowledge, Latika stood out from other nominations.

Dental Assistant of 2015

Linda-Anne Hampton was nominated by Jo Moss the clinic manager at Inner South Community Health Service. “Linda-Anne also shows a high level of empathy to patients, going over and above her normal duties as a dental assistant. Linda-Anne also shows a high level of empathy to patients.” Congratulations from the team at Dent-A-Find.

Linda-Anne Hampton 2015 DA of the Year