There benefits of temping…

Whether you are you looking for additional hours to your current work, or looking only to temp whilst you figure out your next step. Here are 7 reasons to temp…

1. Develop extra skills and experiences

If you have recently graduated or would like to try a new career, temporary assignments may allow you to quickly learn new skills, be exposed to a range of systems and procedures, and trial different companies and industries to see what is right for you before committing to a permanent role.

2. Need income quickly

If you would like to get back into work sooner rather than later, taking on a temporary role can often be a much shorter process than securing a permanent role within the same company. Most agencies, like Dent-A-Find and Inspired Staffing pay weekly.

3.Create your own work diary

Do you have other commitments outside work, such as family or study? Are you on a working holiday visa or have a long holiday booked? If so, temporary employment may be just the right thing for you. Unlike a more traditional role, temping can afford you greater flexibility and control over your schedule. You can choose to work in short term, long term, or contract assignments to fit in and around your chosen lifestyle.

4.The temporary role could turn into permanent

A temporary shift is a wonderful way to assess if the work and employer is right for you in the longer term. assignment is a great way to prove your worth to a company, and with a notable work ethic and personality, you can utilise a temporary assignment as a way to get your foot in the door. If you want to stand out, you will need to be a fast learner and be willing to work hard. Always arriving on time (or early) and staying late when needed and taking on additional responsibility are ways to grab the attention of your employer, who may extend your assignment or offer a permanent role.

5.Take on a variety of new challenges

Push yourself to learn new jobs. Whilst you generally will need the skills to do the temp role, you might find that you will pick up new experiences and skills on the job.

6.Close gaps on your resume

It can be hard to explain prolonged periods of unemployment/inactivity to a potential employer. Keep your skills fresh and close any gaps by taking on a temporary assignment. Continuous employment helps to convince new employers that you are reliable and hard working.

7.Build your network

The company you’re temping with may not have a vacancy when your assignment ends, but if you have leave a good impression, the connections may lead to other longer term positions in the future. Your temp consultant will also be very keen to keep you working if you have proven yourself to be reliable and a hard worker.